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Неизвестный Gazebo

На сайте Gazebo.ru я продолжаю публикацию треков в рамках проекта BeatBox. Поль Мацолини присылает мне эти, совершенно неизвестные и ранее не издававшиеся треки, с тем, чтобы они стали доступны широкой публике, в первую очередь российской. Сейчас выложил на сайт The Atari Inspiration, слушайте на здоровье!

Вот как сам Поль определяет этот проект:

BeatBox, a free modal cycling project

Ok my friends, I'm currently working on some news songs which will hopefully one day be part of a new album, in the meantime I wanted to introduce a small project I've played with in my free time ..It's a small (totally free) group of a half dozen instrumental tracks I've fiddled around with using a sequencing technique which is very simple and basic that I've re-baptised «modal cycling». Basically it's three or four sounds chasing each other in a 8 or 16 bar looped section. The style is undefinable for me but I guess it's in the tekno-hard core-drum'n'bass field so if you don't like that genre you can probably avoid downloading and waste precious space on your hard disks ;-)

I wouldlike to thank Ben from Gazebo.ru (www.gazebo.ru) for hosting these tracks and they will be available one at a time every 15 days or so. I hope you'll have fun as much as I had making them.

Needless to say they have nothing to do with the «Gazebo» songs and atmospheres.

A huge hug,

P.S. Другие заметки на тему Gazebo на этом сайте (в хронологическом порядке):

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