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How Old Are You?

Дискотека 80-х

Отличная песня 1984 года на тему «Куда уходит детство, в какие города?», исполнитель Miko Mission (Piermichel Bozetti).

How Old Are You? (6,8 мегабайт)

When the people go, then my mind is crying
When the children leave,
And tearing the world with thee.

When the music plays in your fantasy
In the moonlight time
I remember the games of my life.

Now, how old are you, where is your harbour,
Have many things to do, open the door.
Yes, I live so true, without my lover
But tell me if the sky is blue, how old are you?

Memories of dreams, something out of date,
I saw the light of ray,
But remember the days of my life.

Запись сделана 22/07/2008

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